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How To Free From Spiritual Marriage Using Herbs


God Bless everybody reading this article. I am very happy to help you free or prevent yourself from spiritual marriage using herbal product. I will first of all talk about certain signs to know you have a spiritual marriage. that’s not making you free for you to marry or breaking up your marriage.


One may ask…how will I know I’m into spiritual marriage?

When you start forgetting your dreams. The bible says when the
Holy Spirit comes upon you they give you remembrance,
these demons they take away your remembrance.

You won’t or feel like having sex with your partner and if you try having it too
you don’t feel any happiness in it and this practice ruins a lot of marriage.
Also, some ladies bleed from January to December these demons will make sure you don’t
have any intercourse with guy or lady but when you are asleep they come and have sex with you.

And if its not blood you start having infections even when you are not having sex you have white discharge and blood from your private part. Also, when your private part smell more than garbage.


Also, if you can’t forgive your own partner, you can’t forgive any
of your ex’s, so whenever you meet a man/woman or you are with your husband or wife, you are always moody,
you desrepect, you can’t communicate at all.


When are spiritual partner is there, it get nobody to marry you. You do makeups, you looks nice, you smell good,
you have your own things but nobody will marry you, people will come in and have relationship with you and used you
and lie to you but nobody will be really there for you, you may be in a deep spiritual marriage.
Some people will ask themselves, is it because i have a child?
No. I know people who have three and four children with different men but I had a white wedding and they are living happily.


In all today is the end of this spiritual being. He or she will go to set you free.
Without wasting match time, I will start the process and you have to follow the instructions very well.

The ingredients are;
1. Alata Soup
2. King Grass “Tutu 3merika ko hwe po” (Herb)
3. Garlic (Local One)
4. Dan Duala Oil



1.First of all gather all the ingredients and say a prayer on it.
2 Grind the King Grass
3.Grind the Garlic
4. Add or mix the King Grass to the Alata Soup
5. After, add the Grinded Garlic and mix it
6. Finally, you add the Dan Duala Oil and mix it together.
7. Pure all into a pale and use it as your bathing soup.

I assure you that, you will know see changes in your relationship or marriage life.

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