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List of Most Dirtiest Places In Accra 2020


Ghana’s most dirtiest places in the capital of Ghana, Accra in the year 2020. Here are the list of the dirtiest places upon our investigation.

Unsurprisingly, Accra remains one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. Ironically, beauty
Ghana’s capital Accra remains polluted as the millennial city continues to suffer
Poor sanitary conditions.


Sodom and Gomorrah
Not far from the center of Accra, Sodom and Gomerrah, until recently it was Ghana
The biggest slums have always been the center of journalism awards. Not just the dumps, Thomas and
Whenever a noncommunicable disease breaks out, Gomerrah remains the most affected area
Like cholera.

Old fadama
Take a 3-hour hike to see the Accra region of Old Fatama and find out who
Live and work in one of the poorest places in the city. The stench and the confusion are intolerable.

Glefe is one of Accra’s newest slums today. Glefe is located along the Pambros river
The victims of the worst flooding situation in Ghana, particularly due to overcrowding and poor layout of buildings.
You dare not live in such a place!

Lavenda Hill
Lavenda Hill is a place in Jamestown, Greater Accra, Ghana
The Met Council discharges the waste directly into the sea (Atlantic). AMA try
The site was closed in 2012 but failed.


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